Film maker

Some stories want to be told.

Curiosity and destiny made my steps from Antarctica to Berlin, Bogot√°, La Paz, Addis Ababa and back. Having the honor to get in contact with different places, its people and their cultures, it is possible to find stories that want to be told, to trigger our minds and spirits.

During a long season in Argentina I got to know Claudio. He used to be a sportsman, a bay watcher, motocross driver, until he broke his vertebral column in an accident. Minutes later, my senses and brain struggled with my conscience, while driving with the smiling man, controlling his 4 x 4 pick up only with the shoulders and triceps. It was an open door to a new level of perception, a new angle to experience our life from. It was an opening to conscience and meeting of natural values by learning.

Rodando Argentina brought together Claudio and Gabriela, his very hard dedicated personal assistant, with citizens and figures of many regions and cultural groups, as some European globetrotters in the vast landscapes of Argentina.

The window conversation and statement leaning on the truck or a school conference, took place. The Shepherd and the cattle crossed the roads, the nature showed its wilderness, every one put part of the story, to be told.

Rodrigo Vazquez

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