Rodando Argentina is the documentation of Claudio Carballo's (43), Gabriela Torales' (24) his personal assistant and Rodrigo Vazquez's (29) journey.

The trip of a quadriplegic man and his co-pilots, driving his 4x4 old pick up on the roads and off roads in Argentina, their country.Claudio suffered an accident, while training motocross, that cut his nerve system in the spine at the age of 32.

The consequence was the end of control, sensibility and movement from his shoulders to his feet.Since then and after rehabilitation, Claudio never gave up his dreams and always worked hard do adapt himself to this new way of life.

With his friends help, he got a used vehicle with the potential of driving adaptation that became his key for social integration.From the beginning and as part of his search, he came to the idea of making a journey that connects Buenos Aires, Argentina with Christopher Reeve's Foundation in the United States of America.

The project came down to earth in its first stage to become concrete and viable: the journey around Argentina (2004), in rehabilitation itself recuperating from a deep economic and social crisis.

The power to adapt and overcome the difficulties in our life, with friend's help and to come together with people in similar situations. Sharing experiences...

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